Our Practice

There are many reasons why we pride ourselves on being one of the leading veterinary hospitals in the Northern Territory. Offering Quality, Service and the very best of Care is our aim at University Avenue Veterinary Hospital.
Quality: Quality is about excellent standards and offering our highly professional and technical capabilities.
Service: Our veterinary hospital is equipped to deliver the best service possible to your pet.
Care: You can be sure that all pets will receive the utmost care and attention when you entrust them to us.


Consulting Hours:

Consultations are by appointment. Please call to make an appointment during
business hours by phoning 08 8931 0455
Hours of business are:
Monday-Friday 07:30 am - 06:00 pm
Saturday 07:30 am - 03:00 pm
Sunday Closed
After Hours Emergencies 0409 331 682
Appointments for surgical procedures and diagnostic tests:
Appointments for routine surgery (including desexing, aural haematomas, etc.), diagnostic work-ups (radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy), geriatric health profiles and some blood tests need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance. This ensures your pet is adequately prepared for safe anaesthesia and enables us to obtain reliable blood test results.
Pets booked in for these procedures will be admitted Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 9:00am.
Owners will be required to complete an Anaesthetic, Surgery and Procedure Consent form when dropping pets off in the morning.


Our Staff

The team at University Avenue Veterinary Hospital is committed to caring about your pets. We encourage further study and our veterinarians and nurses regularly attend conferences, seminars and postgraduate courses so we can provide you with cutting-edge medicine and surgery and the very best in customer service.
As pet owners, we understand the loyalty, love and enjoyment that pets bring to our lives. We offer care, not just as it relates to the patients we treat, but also our attitude to our whole business and to you, our client.
Meet The Team
Trena Smith
Trena is our practice manager. Trena has been with us since 2000, she a qualified cert IV nurse, who loves all animals, you will often see her busy assisting clients and staff on daily basis.
Dr. Lara Dauth
Dr. Lara first came to the Territory in 2000 as a new graduate, 18 years later she now lives with her family in Howard Springs with their many pets.
Dr. Lara has extensive small animal experience and is an accredited companion animal export veterinarian.
Dr. Fritz Holztrager
Dr. Fritz comes to us from South Africa in 2017 with 23 years' of knowledge and experience.

Dr. Fritz is passionate about the well being of small animal patients.
Dr. Natasha Hanrahan
Dr Tash has been in Darwin since 2012 and loves the weather, the people and the animals!

Dr Tash has 2 food obsessed rescue cats and a big goober cattle dog.
‘’I love working with a ripper team at a fantastic hospital where we can provide the best care for our patients”.
Dr. Jess Bowen
Dr Jess is a UK qualified Vet who loves the Territory: having lived in Alice Springs and now Darwin.

Dr Jess has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and neurology.

Dr Jess loves smaller furriers including rodents and bunnies!
Dr. Jared
Dr Jared is a Darwin local after finishing high school here he attended James Cook University graduating in 2016. After working in Townsville in a small animal practice he has moved back to Darwin and is on the hunt for some decent fish!

Jared enjoys surgical cases and works out of both our local clinics.
Dr Margot Tong - BVSC (hons)
Veterinarian with University Avenue Vet Hospital since July 2015.
Dr Margot has a particular interest in small animal internal medicine.
Nursing Team
Del - Head Veterinary Nurse
Del has been nursing in the Territory since 2006, Del is a passionate wildlife rehabilitator and enjoys feline and small animal procedures.

Del is a registered Veterinary nurse and loves passing on her knowledge to the awesome team of junior nurses.
Natasha is currently studying her cert IV in nursing, she has a passion for reptiles and local wildlife.
Hannah started working with us whilst still at school in 2017 and has worked her way up to Cert IV.

Hannah loves all creatures great and small and has a passion for small animal nursing.
Demi is currently studying her Cert IV in Vet nursing, Demi has found a special interest in dental procedures and bandaging. Originally from Far North Queensland, she spent some time in Katherine before making Darwin her home.
Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team here soon! You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about our staff and their pets.


Our Hospital

Our modern, purpose-built veterinary hospital was designed to provide the most up-to-date care for your pet. The hospital is of an open plan design, with main working spaces facing the kennels and intensive care ward so we are able to constantly monitor our patients during the day. In addition to our three consulting rooms, modern surgical theatre, preparation area and high quality hospital wards, we have a spacious waiting room, which allows nervous patients to be separated from other pets.


Treatment Costs

Our mission is to provide a high level of service to our clients and the best care to your pet. As a purpose-built veterinary hospital in a relatively remote part of Australia, we understand the importance of having access to modern equipment and highly trained, professional staff. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to ensure we have the facilities, equipment and professional staff to provide the quality services expected by our clients.
Your pet's health is our priority and it is our policy to offer the best treatment option in every case. However, the best option may not be the only option. Often there are alternative treatment options available. In the event where a treatment option may not be affordable, please discuss this with your veterinarian in order to consider other alternatives.


Estimates Prior to Admission

We understand that bringing your pet to see us is often unplanned, due to unforseen illness or injury. Anticipating the costs of such events can be difficult and stressful, particularly whilst worrying about the welfare of your pet. For this reason, it is our policy to provide estimates for all patients that are admitted to hospital.
Estimates are printed out for clients to review and clients are then required to sign them prior to admission. Please note that the initial estimations provided may be for diagnostic work-up only. Once we have established a treatment plan, further estimates will be provided for treatment options and costs.
We aim to provide you with the most reliable estimates, however these are subject to change as your pet's condition changes. A deposit of 50% of the estimated costs may be required on admission of your pet. The attending veterinarian will inform you if such a deposit is required.


Daily Updates

Owners of hospitalised pets are contacted daily in order to provide an update on the progress that patients are making. It is important when your pet is admitted that you provide a contact number that you can be reached on at all times.
As well as discussing your pet's progress, the treating veterinarian will discuss ongoing treatment plans with you and will provide you with an update on the costs of your account to date. It is our policy that all accounts remain under $1000. Should your account reach this point, we will require you to make a payment to enable us to continue to provide the best of care to your pet.