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Discounted desexing rates - 20% off the normal cost of routine desexing and microchipping to eligible pet owners.
University Avenue Veterinary Hospital, in conjunction with the National Desexing Network, is happy offer this promotion to encourage pet owners to desex their pets by making desexing more affordable and thereby reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens.
To register for this special offer, please visit the National Desexing Network ( then ring our reception staff to make an appointment.
The NDN will provide eligible clients with a discount voucher - please bring this with you the morning of your appointment. Conditions do apply.
Discounts for DEFCOM members who hold a DEFCOM card
Please notify reception nurses at the time of your visit if you qualify.
Discounts for seniors and pensioners, if you hold a current Seniors Card or Pension Card
Please notify reception nurses at the time of your visit if you qualify.
Geriatric Health Package (geriatric health profile)
University Avenue Veterinary Hospital offers geriatric health profiling for your dog or cat aged seven or over. The package includes:
  • A comprehensive health check by the veterinarian
  • Blood health screen to test for major organ disease and function
  • Urinalysis to detect diabetes, infections, kidney and bladder disease
  • Half-day hospital admission for blood and urine medical work
  • A 10% discount on any prescription diet recommended by the veterinarian
Consultations for Geriatric Health Packages are by appointment only.
Special rate for litter vaccinations.
University Avenue Veterinary Hospital does accept VetPay and G.E. Finance payments. These options are subject to approval from the financial provider and hospital management.